We design and produce

fine hemp products

Our mission is to promote hemp as a much more sustainable alternative to cotton and synthetic textiles.

We believe no material can match the sustainable profile of hemp and its qualities as a textile.



MÁ Hemp Wear is the first brand of Felde Vertrieb GmbH.
MÁ's design follow a Scandinavian-inspired, simple aesthetic while a statement with subtle details.
MÁ focuses on clean shapes and functional workmanship with carefully selected colours. 

You can also inquire us for: 

  • Designing and producing textile products

  • Production of your designs

Hemp is the best choice if you are looking for a sustainable and high quality material

  • Hemp uses little to no agrochemicals or irrigation

  • Does not exhaust soils

  • The world's most durable natural fibre

  • Anti-bacterial, no bad odours from swear, doesn't mold or rot

  • UV-resistant

  • Thermo-active, good fro warm and cold conditions

  • Washes well at high temperatures

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